Iconic round whirlpools in the hotel room, that is something Inntel Hotels is known for. What’s more? All of the luxury room types have a whirlpool! This private wellness experience is the perfect way to completely relax. To complete your city trip, romantic getaway and for ultimate relaxation hotel rooms with wellness facilities are the rooms to book. In this article we’ll answer all the questions you might have about hotel rooms with a whirlpool. What does a room with whirlpool cost, where are the hotels located and how can you get the most out of a room with a whirlpool? We’ll help you to get that ultimate wellness experience in your hotel room.

A whirlpool in your hotelroomMainport by Inntel Hotels - Wellness hotel room with whirlpool

Who wouldn’t want it?! A whirlpool in your hotel room. Having a bathtub in the bathroom is a great bonus. However, a whirlpool with view over the city, harbour or the beach makes your hotel stay even more spectacular.

Where can I book a room with a whirlpool in the room?

At all Inntel Hotels locations you will find whirlpools in the luxury room types. You can book the room directly through the website. In the room description there is more information on the amenities and view of every room.

How much does a hotel with whirlpool cost?

You can book a hotel room with a round whirlpool starting from € 119,-. This is the price based on the Art Spa Room at Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven. It is a perfect place to discover the city of light and to enjoy the comfort of warm bubble bath.

Which hotels have a whirlpool?

You can find a whirlpool in the  Inntel Hotels in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zaandam. The new and under construction hotels Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark and Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach will have with these tubs as well. The hotels will be opened in 2021.

The iconic whirlpools of Inntel Hotels

Inntel Hotels is known for its large round whirlpools in the middle of the hotel room. They are easy to use with just a single button. Fill the tub with the recommended amount of water and the whirlpool fun can begin. The whirlpool lighting can be set to a colour of your choosing. Will you go for a relaxing blue, joyful green or romantic red?

We understand that you might like to have a drink in the whirlpool. Therefore the whirlpools have a wooden board which you can use to place your (wine) glass on. This is also where you’ll find the salt or foam to put in the tub.

Wellness kamer - Inntel Hotels Amsterdam CentreInntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre is centrally located in the capital of The Netherlands. The whirlpools are the perfect place to relax and recover after a day full of shopping and discovering Amsterdam. When you book the Spa Room with the iconic whirlpool, you’ll recognise the elements of the iconic museums in your room.

Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven

At Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven relaxation and art are brought together in all of the 230 unique rooms. Take in the art, design and history from your whirlpool in the Art Spa Room.

Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre

The slogan ‘Connections’ is visible throughout the hotel in Utrecht. From the Spa Room, Wellness Room and the Wellness Suite, you’ll see the bustling city all connected by public transport, cyclists and pedestrians.

Mainport by Inntel Hotels

From the Waterfront Spa Rooms and the round tubs you will have a unique view over one of the oldest ports of Rotterdam. You will find the iconic round whirlpools in the suites as well. All the rooms at Mainport by Inntel Hotels have a whirlpool. Its shape and size depends on the room type. Enjoy this unique view and experience a wellness feeling from your room. Speaking of wellness…

Wellness & well-being at Inntel Hotels

At Inntel Hotels wellness and the wellbeing of our guests is of the highest importance. That is why many rooms are equipped with luxurious wellness facilities. You can bathe in the hot tub or use your private sauna in the hotel room. Order room service and you won’t have to leave the room anymore. Jump in bed for a good night’s rest and wake up fully recovered.

What is a wellness hotel?Art Spa Room - The best wellness rooms at Inntel Hotels - The Innsider

Wellness hotels combine an overnight stay with everything for a healthy body & mind. Experience comfort, rest and relaxation during your stay. To wake up fully rested the hotel rooms are equipped with comfortable beds. In addition there’s a whirlpool and or private sauna in the room.

In these hotels you’ll find facilities like, whirlpools, a sauna, steam bath, swimming pool and gym equipment. How these hotels came into existence is discussed in detail in the article; ‘What is a wellness hotel?’. The Inntel Hotels wellness hotels do not only offer these facilities in the appointed areas. They are hotels that offer rooms with a whirlpool and private sauna.

The best whirlpool experience

How can you enjoy your whirlpool experience to the fullest? We are happy to share so tips & tricks to make the most of your overnight stay in a hotel with whirlpool:

  • Are you planning a romantic stay with your partner? Order room service (or you can bring your own items). Bring a bottle of wine, matching cheeses and other foods. Together you will enjoy the hot tub bubbles, wine and luxury.
  • For special occasions we can decorate your room. Ask the reservations department for all the possibilities. They are more than happy to help create an unforgettable stay!
  • Create a scent sensation with bath salts or foam.
  • Watching TV or a movie 2.0. From the whirlpool in your hotel room you can watch your favourite shows on TV.

You’ll be surprised!