Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre and King of the Court have started a partnership. The hotel is the official hotel partner for the international sporting event that will take place from the 9th until the 13th of September on the Jaarbeursplein. During the event all athletes, staff members and organizers will sleep in the hotel next to Utrecht Central Station.

First international event

King of the Court is the first international event in The Netherlands since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. The new beach volleyball concept is different from the normal game in many ways. More than 2 teams will play at the same time, there’s a set time for each game and it is an elimination race. The best players from around the world will come to Utrecht to battle it out for the championship title. For The Netherlands Brouwer/Meeuwsen and Keizer/Meppelink are some of the players competing.

Henk Hölscher (General Manager Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre) is enthusiastic about the tournament and partnership. “Sport creates a feeling of togetherness and fun. The positive and innovative way King of the Court works matches our organization really well. That is why we went into this partnership this year.”

Rooms for all athletes

During the entire tournament Inntel Hotels will accommodate all beach volleyball players, staff members and other parties involved. The hotel is located near the Jaarbeursplein which is ideal for the athletes. They will be able to walk to the tournament. “Inntel Hotels is located on a really convenient location and they have excellent facilities”  tells Wilco Nijland owner of King of the Court. “We entered into a really pleasant partnership and in times like these where you have to support each other as much as you can that makes us really happy.”

Besides offering rooms for the players there is also room for fans. Inntel Hotels has a special offer for everyone coming to the event. Making a visit to the event a real outing. View this page for more information.