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The five best tips for travelling solo

Travelling is the perfect way to take a break from your busy daily life. And gives you a new dose of energy and inspiration. Do you need some well-earned me-time or are you travelling out of town for business? If so, you are probably travelling by yourself. And of course, that doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. In fact, quite the opposite, you can enjoy the sense of freedom and return home fully recharged.

Here are five tips to make your solo trip even more enjoyable.

1. Take a City Trip 

Are you looking for the perfect destination for a solo trip? Travelling alone for the first time? Then choose to go on a city trip. Because there is always lots to discover in a city. From cultural sights and culinary hotspots to trendy shops and bars.

Great options for a short break include cities like cool Copenhagen or sunny Valencia. A more surprising choice are cities in the Netherlands. You will be amazed by their rich history and wide range of sights, restaurants, and shops. How about a weekend in Utrecht or a visit to Amsterdam? Both cities have beautiful canals, museums and the best places to eat.

Lovers of design and modern art, head to Rotterdam. Here you’ll find exhibitions, concept stores and modern architecture. If you like to combine city life with a visit to the beach, The Hague is the place for you. Scheveningen beach is located near the city centre.

2. Travel essentials

A city trip is a lot of fun! Packing your backpack or suitcase is less fun. At least that’s how we feel. To make packing easier for you, here is our packing list for city trips.

For a short trip, it’s important to do your homework. Plan ahead, know what you want to see and what you do not want to miss. Find inspiration online, like this magazine. Instagram and Pinterest are also a good starting point. Or ask you friends for recommendations.
When you have done your research, create one of those handy Google Maps list with all the hotspots you want to visit.

Make reservations in advance at that one popular restaurant. And you are guaranteed to be seated in the best spot.

3. Sightseeing, shopping and meeting the locals

Get the day off to a relaxed start at a trendy coffee shop. Enjoy a delicious latte and plan your day. After visiting famous highlights, it’s time for lunch. In the afternoon, of course, it’s time for some shopping. From big brands and department stores to unique vintage shops and local retailers. Every Dutch city offers a good mix of shops for clothes, souvenirs, delicacies and interior items. Get inspired by our shopping guides and you will be surprised.

After your shopping session, settle down on a terrace for a refreshing drink or a good glass of wine. If this still feels a bit uncomfortable on your own, it’s a good idea to bring something with you. Like a book or a travel guide, for example. If you want get in contact with the locals, choose a spot at the bar of a grand café or restaurant. This way you remain approachable to others and a friendly conversation will easily start. Another good way to meet new people is to take a bike ride with a group or a guided city walk.

4. Take time for well-earned Me-time

One of the advantages of travelling alone is that you don’t have to take anyone into account. Sleep late, wander through a museum for hours or shop until you drop. It’s all up to you! During your trip, make sure you have plenty of restful moments. Watch your favourite film or listen to a podcast.

Or go outside of the city for a few hours. There’s so much more to explore if you escape the busy city. For example, Het Kralingse Bos is the largest city park of Rotterdam. In the spring and summer people flock to the park to barbecue, swim or for a picknick. A wonderful place to find some peace & quiet, overlooking the lake with a view of the Rotterdam skyline.

5. Enjoy comfort, wellness and relaxation

A mini-holiday is, of course, mainly about relaxing and recharging. And where better to do this than in  our spa. At Inntel Hotels, you can completely unwind and enjoy an extensive range of wellness facilities. Dream away in the spa with its various saunas and steam baths. Or go for a sporty work-out in the gym and then take a dip in the swimming pool.

For the ultimate feeling of luxury, book yourself a wellness treatment or a relaxing massage.

Prefer to experience that relaxed wellness feeling from your hotel room? Then book a hotel room with sauna at Inntel Hotels.

In short, a solo getaway to the Netherlands is definitely worth it! Challenge yourself and discover the best places the city of your choice has to offer.

You’ll be surprised