At Inntel Hotels guests will get that feeling of total relaxation in a hotel room with a sauna. Everything for that wellness feeling without ever having to leave the room. In this article we’ll describe all the advantages of a private sauna in your hotel room, where to find these sauna hotels and how much the sauna hotel rooms costs. We’ll also give you the best need-to-know tips for a relaxing sauna experience.

Hotels with a sauna in the hotel room

Open up those pores in one of the hotels with a sauna. A sauna in the hotel room offers that little bit of extra comfort during your wellness stay, city trip or romantic trip.

Where do I book a hotel with a sauna?

All Inntel Hotels offer sauna facilities in the public wellness areas. Since we value the well-being of our guests multiple room types provide a private sauna. Read more about the locations that have a hotel room with a sauna below.

Hotels with a sauna and whirlpool

A sauna and a whirlpool in the room? Inntel Hotels offers rooms with both a sauna and a whirlpool. That means double the relaxation. All of the luxury room types of Inntel Hotels are equipped with the iconic round whirlpool. Order room service and your private wellness ritual is complete. Enjoy the private wellness experience during your overnight stay. Is the round whirlpool in your hotel room a must have? We would always tell you to book a room with a whirlpool of course!

Which hotels have a private sauna?

During a visit to one of the Inntel Hotels locations, you’ll experience a touch of wellness in the hotel rooms with private sauna. You can find the hotels in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Zaandam.

When your partner is familiar with sauna visits, but you’re not,  a hotel room with sauna offers the perfect solution. Now you can find out if the sauna and warmth is something you’ll enjoy in your own space. In a hotel room with sauna you can experience if the sauna is meant for you.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre

At Amsterdam’s city centre and within walking distance of the Central Station you will find Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre. It’s the perfect place for a getaway to the Dutch capital and then to relax during an overnight stay with private sauna. Starting with the room type; Wellness Room you’ll enjoy the sauna in your hotel room along with a round whirlpool. Enjoy the whirlpool, sauna and the city’s famous highlights you see throughout Amsterdam.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark has a cool character that is inspired by the area’s industrial past. This hotel at the Oostenburgereiland offers various room types with a whirlpool and sauna. Enjoy a unique view over the water and city.

Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach

Take some time to relax in the sauna and enjoy a mesmerizing view over the coast or skyline of The Hague. Fully unwind at this peaceful location and discover the old city centre.

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam

Would you like to spend a night or weekend at Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam? Discover the rich history of the Zaan region in the room’s design and come to relax in the Founder Suites with private sauna.

Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre

Utrecht is connected by its many canals, bike lanes, roads and of course train tracks. From the modern Wellness Room and the Wellness Suite of Inntel Hotels Utrecht Centre you’ll have a breath-taking view over the bustling city centre of Utrecht. All of this whilst enjoying your hotel room with sauna and whirlpool.

Wellness and saunas at Inntel Hotels

All Inntel Hotels locations are equipped with public wellness areas. These spaces provide a Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath and Life Fitness gym equipment. In most of the hotels you can also book massage treatments and dip in the swimming pool. Wellness and well-being are one of the priorities. Therefore the hotels offer besides the public wellness facilities, private wellness facilities in the rooms as well.

The iconic Inntel Hotels whirlpool

Not only the private saunas at Inntel Hotels offer complete relaxation in the hotel room. Bathe in the well-known round whirlpools in the middle of your room and feel completely Zen. With the click of a button you can change the lighting to your preferred colour and turn on the whirlpool. Use the wooden board that’s placed over the hot tub for your drinks and bites. You will find the bathing salt and foam here as well. Is the whirlpool in your hotel room a must have? Read more about whirlpools in ‘Hotels with a whirlpool‘.

Sauna etiquette

Is it your first visit the sauna? Be aware that there is a sauna etiquette.  In general you visit the sauna without a swimsuit. On a sauna’s website you can read whether or not a swimsuit is required. Make sure to double check in advance, because entering a bathing suit allowed sauna can be just as uncomfortable. Sit on a towel and take a shower before and after. In most saunas it’s common to be quiet or keep conversations to a minimum.

The 5 best tips for a sauna visit

The following top 5 sauna tips are applicable to both the private and public sauna. This way you will be well prepared for your next sauna visit.

  • Tip 1: Bring a towel to sit on, to avoid direct contact with the bench at all times;
  • Tip2: Because of the rising body temperature your body will start to sweat. Make sure to get hydrated or to bring some water;
  • Tip 3: It gets really hot in the sauna. Don’t forget to take of jewellery and put them somewhere safe. They can cause burns to the skin if not taken off;
  • Tip 4: Take the following steps before going in. It will make the sauna session more comfortable. Go to the toilet beforehand, use a nice scrub to clean your skin and wash off for clean pores;
  • Tip 5: If you haven’t visited the sauna often, take a seat on one of the lower benches. The higher you sit, the warmer it will be.

For more tips read all our 9 sauna tips in the dedicated article.

Going to the sauna for the first time

Are you wondering if a sauna experience is something you would enjoy? The temperature and not wearing a bathing suit sometimes needs some getting used to. Our solution? Book a hotel room with a sauna for ‘the best sauna visit.

We wish everyone who books a a hotel room with a sauna a relaxing stay!

Inntel Hotels - Hotel room with a sauna

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