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The remarkable coast line of Scheveningen

Water with healing properties, remarkable ships and fresh fish are some of the things that make Scheveningen so appealing. Learn all about the origins of Scheveningen and which events need to be added to your calendar.

Seaside resort Scheveningen

There are many health benefits to swimming in the sea. It improves your immune system, eases pain and skin conditions and relieves allergies. The benefits of Vitamin Sea were already known 200 years ago. In 1818 Jacob Pronk was given permission to build a bathhouse in Scheveningen. It became very successful which is why the city bought it from him in 1824.

People came from all over the country for a healthy dip in the sea. They were brought to the water in special bathing carriages or they took a sea bath in the bathhouse. Residents of Scheveningen also enjoyed a dip in the sea. They, however, usually only wore their birthday suit. The city council was afraid they would scare off tourists over this. That is why they decreed in 1819 that a bathing suit was required.

The fish of Scheveningen

In Scheveningen you can get fresh fish all year round. The fishes that are most prominent in these waters are Mackerel, Whiting Silver hake, Plaice, Cod, Eel, Trout, Dab, Sole and a Dutch favourite… Herring. Every year the first Herring catch is celebrated with “vlaggetjesdag” or flag day. On this day there are tons of activities in the port of Scheveningen. There’s fun and music everywhere, but most importantly people get to enjoy that fresh raw herring.

The three harbours of Scheveningen

The port of Scheveningen was originally built as a safe place for fishing boats. As Scheveningen grew the demand to offer other boats a safe haven also grew. Nowadays Scheveningen has 3 harbours. Each has their own “speciality”. In the first harbour you will find the career fishermen, off-shore boats, large commercial vessels, the towboats and the coastguards. The second harbour is known as the recreational harbour. Here you’ll find the marina with charter vessels and smaller fishing boats. In the third harbour you’ll find the “special” boats, like research vessels and government ships.

1813, the start of a Kingdom

The 30th of November 1813 is one of the most important days for the Dutch Kingdom. Napoleon’s French empire fell, which the Netherlands was a part of. On November 30th the future King Willem I arrives on the beach of Scheveningen. After The Netherlands was liberated he was asked to return and become king.

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Special events

The Hague is known as the sailing capital of The Netherlands. You will find large sailing events here on a regular basis. In 2018 the big finish of the, then, Volvo Ocean Race was in The Hague. During the next Ocean Race the boats will also make a stop in The Hague. This exciting race lasts for over 8 months! In 2022 The Hague organizes the Sailing World Championship. About 1400 sailors will compete for the title.

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