One of the most popular attractions of The Netherlands is the Zaanse Schans. This unique piece of land offers a surprising glimpse of the Netherlands in the 18th and 19th century. A bakery museum where fresh bread reaches the authentic oven, cheese factories where you’ll see and learn how cheese is made, and of course clogs. Lots of them.

While strolling through the wooden houses, windmills, and workplaces, you’ll feel like you are traveling back in time. The beautiful arch bridges connect the typical green wooden houses. The surroundings and the people at the Zaanse Schans teach and show you everything when it comes to Dutch craftsmanship. An insider tip: explore the Zaanse Schans by bike or boat. Make sure to stop every now and then for a visit to one of the following authentic museums:

Zaans Museum
The Zaans Museum is in the middle of the typical Dutch landscape where endless lowlands merge with famous Dutch skies. The museum reflects the most renowned part of The Netherlands: windmills, industry, and green wooden houses. On top of that, at the Zaans Museum, you’ll experience what the Dutch no-nonsense mentality and mercantile spirit are like.

Bakery Museum
What exactly is that delicious smell at the Zaanse Schans? Find out yourself and visit the bakery museum ‘In de gecroonde Duyvekater’. The original shop, founded in 1658, has a beautiful marble floor and authentic bread oven, full of Dutch delicacies. And of course, this is the place to taste the renowned Zaanse delicacy ‘duivekater’.

De Tweekoppige Phoenix
A bit thirsty? At tasting room and liquor store ‘De Tweekoppige Phoenix’ you’ll experience how the exclusive Zaanse liquors are being bottled and labeled. The authentic recipes are still intact, making it even more fun to see and taste!

Cheese maker
At De Catharina Hoeve – a replica of an authentic farm from the Oostzaan – cheesemakers in national costumes tell you everything about the varying types of cheese. What exactly makes cheese typical Gouda Holland-cheese? And what is herb cheese? A demonstration shows you all the steps of how to produce cheese. Following up on that, you’ll decide which one tastes best, because you’re going to try them all.

Wooden Shoes
A log and a chisel; you don’t need anything else for producing the famous Dutch footgear. Get mesmerized by the super-fast clockmakers and behold the biggest and most beautiful clock collection of The Netherlands.

There’s more
What do you think of a traditional workshop chocolate making, using the 19th-century techniques? Or a visit to the weaver house or tin casting? Get the Zaanse Schans Card and start exploring! For only €15 you’ll be able to visit museums all day long. On top of that, you’ll receive some pretty discounts for local shops and restaurants.

Try it yourself!
Have you ever wanted to experience what it feels like to stay in such a typical green wooden house? Book your stay at the most renowned building of the town; Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam. This visually stunning 4-star hotel has an impressive façade. The structure is a lively stacking of numerous examples of the traditional houses to be found in the Zaan region. And every room is unique, displaying one of the traditional crafts of Zaandam. Another pleasant feature of the hotel: It is only 12 minutes by train to reach Amsterdam.

Photo : Samot (Shutterstock)


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