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The best family activities in The Hague

The most entertaining and educating family activities can be found in and around The Hague. With our carefully selected attractions you will travel through time in a castle, you will discover the wonders of nature and get hands-on with several interactive games for kids. Combine these fun activities with a visit to the beach. Afterwards enjoy an overnight stay in our hotel along the coastline, Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach.

Overnight stay in The Hague

Complete your holiday or weekend away with an overnight stay in Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach. Thanks to the location on the beach of Scheveningen a stay here is a guaranteed success for young and old. Especially for families with kids, there are rooms with a connected room. When you’ve tucked the children in bed, you go through the connecting door and relax in the whirlpool of your room for a while.

Discover the best amusements parks in The Netherlands for a family day filled with adrenaline.

Watch the vlog of Melissa, she shares her mother-daughter trip to The Hague:


Madurodam is world-famous for its miniatures. You can see The Netherlands in scale and do all kinds of interactive activities. Like working together to safe the Netherlands from getting flooded. Or fly through time and space in the Flying Dutchman. Your children can also discover various career options here. Including becoming a world-famous DJ like Armin van Buren or becoming a soccer champion.

SEA LIFE Scheveningen

At SEA LIFE Scheveningen you’re guaranteed a fun and educational beach day. While walking past the 45 aquariums you can admire fishes like sea horses, clownfish, stingrays and starfish. Swim with Piranhas without getting eaten. Or “dive” through tropical water with beautiful corals and sea turtles.

De Kinderwerkplaats

Are your kids very entrepreneurial? Do they enjoy discovering things and performing projects? Take them to de Kinderwerkplaats. After a short explanation, the children will get their own toolbox and start their discovery. From the dressing-up box, they can choose a fitting attire and start their favourite project. Parents are allowed to participate, but children are in the lead this time!

Landgoed Clingendael

Enjoy a beautiful walk on a real estate. With various gardens, meandering walking paths and large play meadows this is a perfect place for the entire family.

The showpiece of Clingendael is the Japanese garden. It is the largest Japanese garden in The Netherlands with a surface of 6800 m2. This part of the estate is only open for a short period in Spring (May/June) and in Fall (October). This, so they can protect the rare trees and plants that grow there.


A spectacular cinematic movie experience where you can learn something too? That’s the Omniversum in The Hague! The movies that are displayed on a screen of 180 degrees take you to another world. From an expedition to the top of Mount Everest, to a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, you can see it all. The program offers documentary-like movies where human, nature, culture, adventure, and science awaits you. All movies are Dutch-spoken but can be listened to in different languages through headphones. They are all-age approved unless stated differently.

Castle and estate Duivenvoorde

“Knights and ladies, gather here!” Take your kids to a castle where you step back in time. It is like Kasteel Duivenvoorde is still inhabited, due to of the many personal items that are stored here. After a visit to the castle, you can entertain the whole family on the wide estate. Download the custom app and hit the road with Knight Jan. This tour across the state is filled with games and challenges that teach kids about extraordinary animals, figures and buildings that can or could be found here.

You’ll be surprised.