Zaandam is a vacation hotspot as many (famous) tourists already know. Typical architecture, beautiful nature reserves, tasty products and a rich history can all be discovered during a staycation in Zaandam.


Once you exit station Zaandam you feel like you’re walking in a wonderland. The picturesque area around the station is designed with the Zaan houses of old in mind. Here you can admire the most unique hotel in the world. A perfect base from which to discover the other hotspots of the area.

Zaanse Schans

There’s so much to see on the Zaanse Schans. Still many of the Dutch people haven’t discovered this unique piece of The Netherlands. 90% of the visitors come from abroad and that while there is so much to do. A visit is like stepping back in time and learning about the craftsmanship of days gone by. Here you can still see the wooden houses, windmills and workshops of the past. Iconic green houses are connected to the land with beautiful bridges. The best way to discover the entire area? Take a bike or boat tour and visit one of the museums.

Volendam and Marken

The fisherman’s village Volendam is known for its world-famous fishing port, smoked eel and national costume. In the Netherlands it is also known as the birthplace of the “palingsound” since a lot of Dutch artists are from here. Like Jan Smit who will be one of the hosts for the Eurovision Song Contest. Across from Volendam is Marken. It used to be an island, but is now connected to the mainland by a road. The houses on poles, authentic fishing port and the Sijtje Boes souvenir shops.
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The best product are from the Zaan region

What is a better souvenir than a typical Zaan product? Some of these product can be bought elsewhere, but isn’t it so much more fun to buy them where they were made?

Zaanse Mosterd

For many years De echte Zaanse Mosterd (the real Zaan Mustard) was made in the mustard mill De Huisman on the Zaanse Schans. Nowadays they have a bigger factory in Wormerveer to keep up with the demand for the product. This mustard is so good that Albert Heijn didn’t want to marry his second wife until she could make mustard soup with this mustard.


Did you know the creamy chocolate bars and delicious cookies by Verkade are from Zaandam? At the Verkade experience on the Zaanse Schans you can learn all about this brand and experience life as a Verkade girl. Also design your own wrapper and take a bar home with you. Would you rather have a box of chocolates? At Buter you can get a box of the most delicious chocolates and pastries to enjoy on the road.

Are you visiting Zaandam during a sunny day? Enjoy Zaan products on the best terraces and at the best ice-cream shops.

The most beautiful nature reserves

The nature reserves around Zaandam are a sight to be seen. Enjoy being in the outdoors and bring your binoculars for some birdwatching.

Het Twiske

Nature reserve Het Twiske offers fun for everyone. A third of the area is water, which is why you will find a lot of beaches and beach activities here. We can also recommend Het Twiske to hikers and cyclists. There’s a big chance you will find Highland Cows and many birds (waterfowl) during your hike or ride. There are also many nice spots to stop for refreshments.

Wormer- en Jisperveld

The best way to see nature reserve Wormer- en Jisperveld is by kayak. Rent one in the marina and enjoy the meadows of this area. Follow the designated route and visit the most beautiful places. Did you know even the cows here travel to their stables by boat?

Historic visits

These celebrities already knew that the Zaan region is a hotspot. Monet made many paintings here and Tsar Peter (the great) came here to learn about building ships.

Follow in the footsteps of Monet

During his time in Zaandam Monet made 25 paintings. The most famous one might be his blue house which is still standing today! Go on a Monet walking tour and just like him find inspiration in Zaandam. Want to see one of the paintings? Pay a visit to the Zaans Museum.

Tsar Peter house

Tsar Peter came here to learn about building ships from the best. The house in which he stayed became a monument. Many famous people visited the house throughout the years and graced it with their signature. Real fans will book a stay in the Tsar Peter Suite where the design is based on this house.

An overnight stay in Zaandam

A staycation in Zaandam isn’t complete without an overnight stay in a true Zaandam hotel. Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam has a fairy-tale exterior consisting out of 70 Zaan houses. In the hotel you’ll find everything you need for an enjoyable vacation. There’s Restaurant Puur Saen with mouth-watering dishes made with local products, a wellness club with pool and rooms that were designed for total relaxation. The hotel has various specials fit for every type of trip. View all the specials through the button below.



Visit our capital

From the Zaandam station you will reach Amsterdam in a mere 12 minutes. Start your excursion to our capital with a canal cruise. This way you can admire those typical canal houses from the water. Afterwards go on to discover the hidden treasures of Amsterdam, like the Begijnhof a “secret” location where you’ll find 1 of the 2 wooden houses in Amsterdam. The possibilities for vacation activities in Amsterdam are limitless. Read Staycation in Amsterdam for more tips.

You’ll be surprised.